Steve and I adopted our rescued fur baby, Sadie, in December 2017.  She had been picked up as a stray and scheduled to be euthanized at a local county shelter.  The day that was going to happen a wonderful lady, Teresa Reynolds owner of Evelyn’s Place Rescue in Gainesville, GA, rushed to get her and posted a picture of her on Facebook.  She explained how scared and shy she was and how hard the shelter life was for her.  We were interviewed the next day, met Sadie and fell in love immediately.

Sadie knew nothing about good food served to her on a consistent basis (it was given to her at the rescue but she was too scared to know it would be given regularly).  Nor did she have a clue about toys, treats or simply love and affection.  It has been an adjustment for all of us but we maintain the belief that given enough love and patience she will overcome a lot of her fears and distrust.  Fortunately she has a very sweet nature and is not aggressive in any way and we are seeing her flourish and show signs of happiness.

In our search and adoption process my awareness of the plight of so many abandoned or lost animals and the hardships the shelters and rescue agencies face has come full force.  There is not a lot I can physically do for them but when I was soul searching for what my mission is I decided it is to centralize information and help bring awareness to the general public…folks just like me…those who have no idea what a challenge rescue, foster and adoption is. There are many ways to join me and help…volunteer, donate, foster and/or adopt to name a few…any and all help is certainly needed and appreciated.